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Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers have been a part of many special occasions across the years, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of having one of our treasured pieces present at a wedding proposal or a wedding day.


Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers are specialist suppliers of diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. We have a beautiful range in store, ranging from timeless and elegant, to modern and innovative. 


If you are looking for something beyond what we have available in store, it is our pleasure to work with you to create a bespoke engagement ring or wedding band that you will treasure for a lifetime. 


Our experienced master jewellers will create a piece of custom jewellery designed to your specifications and we have decades of industry experience when it comes to finding the perfect stone for your engagement ring or wedding band set. 


We love to work with you to produce something truly unique and all of the diamonds and precious gems we use at Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers Auckland are ethically sourced and conflict-free.




Are you travelling overseas? Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers Auckland offer a Tax-Free service that allows you to save 15% GST on any jewellery purchase over the value of $4000. Once purchased, we will hand-deliver your jewellery to the airport, all you need to do is simply collect it on your way out of the country.

Jewellery design
Wedding and engagment rings
engagment ring
Wedding and engagmet rings

FIf you are planning an engagement or wedding and would like to discuss your options please get in touch or visit us is store. If you are looking for something unique and special take a look at our bespoke page to find out more.


We stand by our workmanship at EJE and our Engagement Rings NZ & Wedding Rings NZ all qualify for complimentary cleaning every year - and a thorough check up. This usually ensures that any damage or loose stones are caught before they get to the point where something treasured is lost. 

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