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Jewellery servicing


In addition to our comprehensive selection of jewellery, watches, and giftware, Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers provide a broad range of services for our valued customers.

Jewellery Remodling
Jewellery remodeling

Remodelling existing jewellery is a great way to breathe new life into cherished pieces. Our experienced team can work with you to remodel your jewellery so you can continue wearing treasured pieces that evoke special family memories. Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers can use your gemstones, and in many cases, the original metal to enable you to carry the piece forward to the next generation.

Visit us at the Ellerslie showroom, or book a consultation now to discuss extending the life of your favourite pieces

Ring Resizing

Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers are specialists when it comes to resizing your valuable rings. If you have a ring you don’t wear because it is too large, or too small, bring it into the store for professional resizing. Don’t risk losing a ring you value because it is able to slip off, and don’t leave something gorgeous sitting in your jewellery box because it is a little tight. Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers are here to help you make the most of your rings.

Ring resizing
Pearl Re-Threading

If the thread of your pearl jewellery becomes loose or discoloured, please bring it into our Ellerslie store and let our professionals address the issue with expert pearl rethreading. Loose threads can cause pearls to collide with one other, causing unsightly scratches on their delicate surface. Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers are here to provide expert care for your pearl jewellery, so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Jewellery Repair

Bring your broken or damaged pieces of jewellery to us to repair, or let us remodel them, creating something new that you will cherish for years to come. If you have pieces that are beyond repair or surplus to requirement, please talk to us about our recycling service.

Jewellery repair
Jewellery Valuation

Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers offer a complete suite of Jewellery Valuation and After Loss services.
Keep your insurance details comprehensive and correct with our precise valuation services. The shifting value of gold and jewellery can leave you underinsured, but Ellerslie Jewellers and Engravers can provide up-to-date jewellery valuations to ensure that your treasured collection is given the due it deserves should you suffer theft,

loss, or damage.

Most valuations can be conducted quickly, safely, and at very reasonable rates, and at Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers, all valuations include professional cleaning and polishing.
Please contact us, or call in today to discuss how we can help you.

Jewllery Appraisals

Gold has always been an excellent investment, and never more so than during times of economic uncertainty. Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers are Licensed Gold Buyers, this means we are able to offer you a fair market price for your surplus gold jewellery. We ensure discretion and are committed to an easy, secure, and fair trading process. Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers can purchase and trade gold bullion on your behalf at highly competitive rates. We have traded gold bullion for many years, and have considerable experience in the gold market. Talk to our team today about your gold bullion requirements.

Licensed Gold buyers
Watch batteis
watch repair

If your watch is losing time Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers can check if you have an old or an empty battery, if this is the case, our in-house team can fit your timepiece with a new high-quality battery guaranteed to last. 


Your favourite jewellery gets a lot of wear, this causes a build-up of dirt from dust, makeup, oils, and other particles. To extend the life of your jewellery, and to really let it shine, we recommend you have it cleaned and polished regularly by professionals. When you purchase from Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers we offer a complimentary annual inspection and cleaning service to ensure you get maximum sparkle and enjoyment from your jewellery for years to come.

jewellery cleaning
Jewellery Cleaning
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