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Jewellery Valuation

Ellerslie Jewellers is now offering a full suite of jewellery valuations and after-loss valuation services. Don’t let your insurance company leave you out in the cold when it comes time to make a claim, simply because more than 5 years has passed since your last valuation. With skyrocketing gold and jewellery prices over the past few years, we think you may be surprised at just how much under-insured, or in many cases un-insured, value is sitting in your jewellery box or handbag.

Our in-house Gemmologist, Russell Jeffery, our house GIA Certified Diamond Grader and Associate Member of the Jewellery Valuation Society of New Zealand os always happy to provide you a FREE no obligation review of your jewellery to see what is worth valuing and what is worth simply including on a household inventory.

Most valuations can be conducted quickly, safely, and at very reasonable rates. Furthermore, all valuations include professional cleaning and polishing. Please contact us, or call-in today to discuss how we can help you.