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Gold & Jewellery Buying

Recycling gold jewellery

Re-styling your existing gold jewellery is a nice way to recycle cherished items which may have slipped past their best, and/or become worn-out beyond the point of cost-effective restoration.

Recreate your favourite pieces to retain sentimental value

Our team understands the sentimental value of jewellery, and in particular gold jewellery that may have been in your family for generations.  Where possible we can help to create a close duplicate of your existing item, a replica that will become a piece to be treasured all over again.  

Redesign a stunning new piece to fall in love with all over again

Alternatively, you may ultimately decide on a fresh new contemporary look, and even the smallest design changes can have quite an impact on the end result. At Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers we are specialists in creating beautiful bespoke jewellery that perfectly reflect the unique style and personalities of our customers.

Regardless of which direction you choose, our highly experienced team will ensure that your gold jewellery is given a fresh new lease on life, and your sentimental value is not only retained, but enjoyed again every day.

Licenced Gold Buyers

Buying your unwanted gold jewellery

Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers is a Licensed Gold Buyer which means we are able to offer you a fair market price for any gold jewellery you no longer want. 

We are committed to making the process of selling your unwanted gold jewellery easy, secure and fair.

Come in and talk to us today about your unwanted gold jewellery.

Buying & Trading Gold Bullion

Gold has always been an excellent investment, and never more so than during times of economic uncertainty.

Buying gold bullion

Ellerslie Jewellers & Engravers can purchase and trade gold bullion on your behalf, at highly competitive rates. We have traded gold bullion for many years and have considerable experience in the gold market. 

Talk to our team today about your gold bullion requirements.